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How we support you

Families who choose Calvert are never left adrift in a sea of questions and confusion. Our team of Education Counselors will be with you every step of the way. From the day you request information about our program until the day your child completes her course, there is a Calvert professional by your side.

Questions our Education Counselors would be happy to help you with:

  • What grade level is best for my child? Where should we start?
  • I am home schooling several children at the same time. Any tips?
  • We are having difficulty establishing a routine. Can you give me suggestions?
  • I don’t understand how to teach equivalent fractions. Help!
  • I want to change my daily schedule, moving quicker through some subjects and taking more time on others. Can you help me?

Contacting a Calvert Education Counselor is easy!  Call us now at 1-888-487-4652.  Or e-mail edcounselors@calvertservices.org.  Or Chat with us.

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