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Calvert High School Update

From Eric Isselhardt, Chief Academic Officer, Calvert Education

The Calvert High School is designed to be a highly rigorous learning experience for students interested in pursuing their high school education through homeschooling.  As such, the high school builds on the best of Calvert’s rich homeschooling traditions, and creates a school environment where students may reach for their potentials and prepare for their futures.  Our high school students will engage with a curriculum in which they are challenged to develop an inquiring mind, expand their world perspective, and explore the universe’s building blocks.

Accreditation and Student Records

The Calvert high school program will feature many of the important elements of a traditional high school. To enter the program, families will need to provide records from any previous schools if not previously enrolled with Calvert. The Calvert high school curriculum will be accredited through the Middle States Association after the first year of its operation. Thus, students will receive a high school diploma after senior year. Additionally, a student will be able to transfer into the program in future years, subject to pre-requisites and placement testing.

About the Courses

Families can expect the type of rich, flexible experience that is the hallmark of a Calvert education. Most typical high school courses will be offered (English, science, math, etc.), as well as Advanced Placement courses and a variety of electives such as Spanish language. If taking a full course load, a student should expect to spend 6 to 8 hours a day on the program. The time taken to complete the course will vary. For the most part, courses are self-paced.

To create as flexible a program as possible, students will be allowed to enroll in individual courses. The ratio of work online to work using textbooks and other printed materials can also vary. Families will be offered an option by which the majority of the work can be done using books and paper, and an option that will be a more online, interactive experience. Printed lesson manuals will be provided, as is Calvert’s practice. There will also be extracurricular activities and options such as clubs.

Support Options

Families have come to expect a high level of support with Calvert. This will be no different in the Calvert high school program. As with the curriculum options, the support options will be varied and flexible. High-school-trained Education Counselors will be available. Students can choose to enroll with or without the Advisory Teaching Service. Families can choose from various levels of service options, from being almost entirely independent to enrolling in actual teacher-led classes.

The first year of the Calvert high school program, which includes Grade 9 core subjects, Advanced Placement, Spanish language, and electives, will be available beginning in August 2014.

  • Debra B

    Very excited. This seems awesome.

  • suburbancorrespondnt

    When can we learn more details (i.e., what history is studied in 9th grade, etc)? Most of us need to start making decisions about high school by February/March. A look at the textbooks involved would be very helpful.

  • Little Flowers

    This general outline sounds exciting. It would be wonderful if you could provide more details about the courses and the fees as soon as possible.

  • mbromhal

    If a student does not use the Advisory Teaching Service will they still be eligible for a high school diploma with proof of completing the curriculum? Also how will the possibility of a high school diploma work with taking individual courses from Calvert and supplementing with other forms? Thank you.

  • Dr. Sharon Spring

    We have been with Calvert from the start, and am very excited to have the opportunity to be included in what will be the first graduating class of K-12 homeschoolers through Calvert! I have been a college professor for nearly 20 years and I understand what goes in to curriculum development. I am impressed with the format of the Calvert homeschool program, and am confident that the 9-12th grades will be constructed with wonderful care and attention to detail. As always, I am sure that Calvert will accept parental feedback and recommendations for improvement as we move through this newly emerging program. I would also like to personally thank the Calvert team for putting forth this effort to continue their work into the high school arena. Though my family has the option to participate in the Florida Virtual School program for free, and the county seat for the program is within walking distance of my home, I would rather pay tuition for a Calvert-run program because I know the school selects the very best course materials for my child. Thank you again!
    Dr. Sharon Spring

  • http://homeschool.calvertschool.org/ Calvert Education

    Thanks so much for your feedback and support, Dr. Spring. We sincerely
    appreciate it. Yes, you are correct. We definitely will continue to
    solicit feedback from parents and from students using the high school

  • http://homeschool.calvertschool.org/ Calvert Education

    While our prices for high school are not yet finalized, we are planning to offer multiple curriculum and instructional options designed to accommodate a range of family budgets. This includes: curriculum only, a la carte instructional services, a comprehensive suite of curriculum and instruction, and a high-end global academy.

    Each program will carry a different price, but a simple way to look at it is – the more you as a parent teach,the less you would pay. Conversely, if you choose to have Calvert provide more instructional services, then the cost will be higher. We anticipate finalizing pricing this February and plan to provide additional details about course options soon.

  • http://homeschool.calvertschool.org/ Calvert Education

    We’re excited that you’re excited! More to come soon.

  • http://homeschool.calvertschool.org/ Calvert Education

    Calvert plans to offer a complete set of course options for the 9th grade, including electives and Advanced Placement.

    The core includes English 9: Survey of Literature; US Government/Civics; Algebra 1 or Geometry; Biology; and Calvert’s original Independent Research course.

    The catalogue will also include the following electives: Fine Arts;
    Spanish I and II; PhysEd/Health; Web Design; Intro to Tech. In addition, the catalogue will include AP Geography. Calvert academic counselors will provide guidance on appropriate courses.

  • http://homeschool.calvertschool.org/ Calvert Education

    Students enrolled Full-Time in Calvert High School who would like a Calvert accredited diploma must take courses through the Advisory Teaching Service. Students taking individual courses from Calvert will be issued a transcript that could be submitted to other schools or colleges/universities.

  • SDumas

    It souns like it might work for us. We are so happy about the fact that paper and book courses will be available in every subject. As a computer programmer, our son’s eyes, back, and wrist need to be saved from spending even more time on the computer. The flexibility also is a big huge plus. I hope the books being chosen are classic excellent literature rather than modern or non fiction. I’m so excited to see this unfold as a possibility for our family. Thank you for all your hard work.

  • Erika

    If enrolled in Calvert but not using the ATS serivce can we qualify for admittance?

  • http://homeschool.calvertschool.org/ Calvert Education

    Thanks so much! We are very excited also and appreciate your support.

  • http://homeschool.calvertschool.org/ Calvert Education

    Yes, Erika, previous ATS enrollment is not required in order to use the high school program.

  • Lisa Godfrey

    I completely agree with your points! I too am (well… “was”) a computer programmer, I too don’t want to see my children on the computer 6-8 hours a day, I too am REALLY interested in seeing classic literature studied. I would just add one thing: please correspond the history and literature curriculums, and I think historical fiction is also a great addition.

  • JM Redpath

    Could you give a list of all subjects, electives, options, and activities that will be offered? Thanks. Jonathan

  • JM Redpath

    What literature will be studied during 9th Grade? I am interested in Classical Literature and Shakespeare would also be good. Novels such as Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry, or Anne of Green Gables are very good too!

  • JM Redpath

    Suggestions for languages (listening to webinar from library)

  • JM Redpath

    One more comment: Updating the textbooks would be a good idea… my geography textbook (G7) is about10 years old!